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Positioning MyMolimenti as a Rising Star in the Hair Accessories Industry

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Elin Molimenti Founder, MyMolimenti

“With SEEBA´s help we went from an idea to a fast growing start-up. The strategic and hands-on support that we have received helped us accelerate our growth and reach our goals.“

Elin Molimenti Founder, MyMolimenti


MyMolimenti is a rising star in the European accessories market, led by one of Sweden’s most ambitious and successful hair professionals and influencers, Elin Molimenti.

Elin has created a range of women hair accessories that consist of diadems, hair ties, scrunchies and hair clips. She calls them problem-solvers in luxury packaging. Leveraging the existing channels and infrastructure from her influencer business, she wanted to sustainably take MyMolimenti to the next level. Automation, technology and innovation are some of the critical aspects that have fueled the growth so far.



Preparing a newly started concept for rapid growth with a limited budget is demanding. It requires both knowledge and extensive experience, especially when the business faces an array of critical decisions regarding different technical solutions and business approaches.

This can be overwhelming and cause professional and personal stress that eventually impacts the short and long term success of the project.

MyMolimenti needed a trusted advisor and partner with hands-on experience and the ability to take charge, ensuring that the whole business moves forward step by step.

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The first step we have made with the client was creating a growth plan and execution strategy, followed by development of visual identity and other fundamental business and technology aspects. The main focus was put onto building the e-commerce platform, as it would function as the backbone of the business itself.
Our solution has been optimised for both B2B and B2C sales as well as fully automated for the entire process of customer acquisition, ordering, fulfilment and tracking.

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Some of the tangible outcomes were the infrastructure and e-commerce solutions that we designed and implemented. Combined with continuous business support, this resulted in an explosion of sales and rapid growth. Each step of the journey created new challenges that we together faced and overcame.


Set goals were met and surpassed, an indicator that we succeeded in helping our client to create a sustainable business model that was supported by an automated infrastructure and scalable channels.

Our ongoing business support has brought new ideas that are continuously being optimised and implemented.

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Combining our unique knowledge in both business and tech, we have empowered our client with both soft and hard tools. By continuously supporting the business beyond the early start-up stage, we have together managed to reach and surpass set goals.

Combining this with active work with content production, SEO, exploring new channels and the clients’ excellent ability to develop and create new products, the future for MyMolimenti is bright.

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