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Zuhra Seferovic Project Manager, Directorate for EU Integration (DEI)

“SEEBA has been a realiable partner and valuable asset in project implementation, providing continuous support and coaching to the project team. Above that, they were reasonable and easy to work with due to their excellent interpersonal skills and non-ever compromising results. They were a game-changer in the final product design.”

Zuhra Seferovic Project Manager, Directorate for EU Integration (DEI)


The Directorate for European Integration is a permanent, autonomous and professional body of the Council of Ministers of Bosnia and Herzegovina. Their role is to coordinate and monitor the activities and tasks in the process of integration of BiH into the EU and to cooperate with ministries and other administrative bodies in Bosnia and Herzegovina.
DEI is committed to the integration process, alignment of legislation, financial assistance of the EU for BiH, translation of legislation and other documents, and communication and training for various target groups to provide institutional, professional and technical support to BiH integration into the EU.
Aiming to build and scale its IT capacities, the Directorate has contracted SEEBA to provide support and quality control consultancy services in the development of the Information System for monitoring the implementation of the IPA programs (MERSA), mainly through a dedicated IT expert.



The general requisite for building strong capacities within the IT sector and enabling a safe and reliable tracking system created a need for a trusted and dedicated IT expert. The challenge was to identify the issues in the early stage of the project and map the right direction for the further implementation of it.
The project focus was to improve the usability of developed IPA programs, ensuring the quality and functionality of the final product, but also transferring knowledge and experiences from the relevant industry examples in Sweden which would further help DEI in the successful execution of activities.

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SEEBA was identified as a supportive and valuable support mechanism throughout the relevant project phase by the Directorate (DEI) team, as well as external stakeholders. With an agile approach, the project has followed SEEBA’s methodology in assessing problems from different angles while providing continuous support and coaching to the team.
Creating workshops as a tool for identifying and evaluating issues has enabled us to rank the challenges according to priorities and conduct strong quality control which proposed the solution for program usability and misalignment between DEI and the product supplier.



Using the BizTech approach and our methodology, SEEBA managed to coach the DEI team in this process and created a detailed report focusing on the challenges to be overcome and providing tangible solutions to be implemented in the upcoming period. Results include a significant improvement in product usability and user experience in comparison to the starting condition, a positive redirection of the project, and overcoming other project-related challenges which were affecting the implementation of activities and dynamics with the supplier. SEEBA has been quality-assuring the entire delivery process and the system code delivered at the end of the project. The project has opened up an insight into the importance of the iterative ideation process in the early stages of the product design phase.

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