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Streamlining a Content Platform for Chimney

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Norhan Elhakeem Marketing Lead, Chimney Vigor Group

SEEBA was simply an absolute pleasure to work with. The whole team showed professionalism, enthusiasm, dedication and loads of know-how and in-depth insight that really made a difference. They went above and beyond our expectations, constantly working to ensure our needs were met, and on time. I couldn’t recommend a better partner for any relevant business needs!

Norhan Elhakeem Marketing Lead, Chimney Vigor Group


Chimney is a global, full-service award-winning creative studio specialising in communications, production, entertainment and MarTech. They identify themselves as an advertising and social media agency, production and tech company — all rolled into one.

For over 20 years, Chimney has crafted award-winning stories and campaigns for the world’s most recognised brands such as Netflix, Volvo and H&M, as well as received recognition from the Academy (Oscars), BAFTA, Cannes Lion, Palme d’Or, Sundance, Berlinale, PromaxBDA, amongst many others.



As a rapidly growing company, Chimney wanted to go from having just a digital presence to using all channels as sales and talent acquisition tools. As the services portfolio became broader and more complex, there was a need to clarify and simplify who they are and what they offer, whilst functioning as a hub for their lead generation activities too.

By already being one of the best at what they do, Chimney needed to bring all aspects of their business to the same level, including their digital presence and webpage. For this, they needed a partner that could understand the bigger picture and see three steps ahead.

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To emphasize Chimney-Vigors customer-centric approach, we focused on positioning the company as a solution provider, rather than a product hub.

We did this by creating a style that reflects new trends in the industry and by grouping their products into categories of solutions adapted for their specific audiences while also presenting the multitude of their internationally recognized and highly acclaimed work in a way which better showcases the Chimneys spectrum of possibilities.

Creating experiences to engage audiences – true to the Chimney-Vigor motto.



Starting from the business side, exploring important metrics, understanding use cases and mapping future business opportunities, SEEBA managed to transform ideas into tangible tools and features on the new platform that Chimney now uses.

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