May 19, 2024

Compete Forward – Case Blagoleks

Case Study: Blagoleks Strategic Development


Blagoleks, a small family-owned company with 12 employees, has been a notable player in the cosmetics and dietary supplements industry since its inception. Known for its brands Lifeline and Linoderm, Blagoleks has been under the leadership of Ivana Popović since 2010. Seeking to further enhance their business operations and strategic planning, Ivana participated in the CompeteForward program. This case study explores how CompeteForward’s comprehensive approach has facilitated Blagoleks’ journey towards sustainable business development.

The Challenge

As a small family-owned business, Blagoleks faced challenges typical of many SMEs, including limited resources for strategic planning and business development. The company needed a structured approach to identify and address its weaknesses, enhance its competitive edge, and ensure sustainable growth.

The Solution:

CompeteForward Program, implemented by SEEBA and funded under the “Challenge to Change 3.0” by Sweden and its implementation partners SERDA and EDA. The program focuses on digital innovation, internationalization, and sustainable practices to enhance the growth and competitiveness of selected SMEs in Bosnia and Herzegovina.


  1. Business Health Assessment: Utilizing the innovative SEEBA BizEngine software, CompeteForward conducted a thorough analysis of Blagoleks’ business health. This assessment covered strategic planning, operational management, financial performance, marketing and sales, human resources, and technology usage. The detailed insights gained from this analysis formed the foundation for developing tailored strategies.
  2. Comprehensive Analysis and Strategic Guidance: The program provided Blagoleks with an extensive report that included a GAP analysis, SWOT analysis, and detailed guidelines for further business development aimed at sustainable growth. This comprehensive analysis helped Ivana and her team to identify areas for improvement and develop a strategic plan for the company’s future.


The impact of the CompeteForward program on Blagoleks has been significant. Ivana Popović, the company’s director, shared the following feedback: “Thanks to the very kind and cooperative employees of SEEBA, I went through the BizEngine application, which aimed to determine the business health of the company I manage. The result of the analysis is a rather extensive report. It contains a GAP analysis, SWOT analysis, and extensive content guidelines for further business development aimed at sustainable growth.”


Blagoleks’ experience with the CompeteForward program highlights the transformative power of a comprehensive, integrated approach to business consulting and digital innovation. By addressing both business and technological aspects, CompeteForward has empowered Blagoleks to enhance its competitive edge, achieve sustainable growth, and navigate the complexities of the modern business landscape. This case study underscores the value of strategic reflection and tailored support in driving the success of SMEs.

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