Dec 11, 2023

Sweden’s Strategic Focus on SMEs for Sustainable Growth

Exciting developments are underway in Sweden’s strategic approach to international trade and economic sustainability, especially for small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs).

Here are some important aspects that impact SMEs:

  1. Enhanced Support for Global Engagement: In a significant move, Sweden is stepping up efforts to boost SME participation in international trade. Recognizing their crucial role, particularly during economic slowdowns, the government is working to facilitate more effective export and internationalization support for these enterprises.
  2. Commitment to Green and Digital Transitions: Aligning with global environmental goals, Sweden is placing SMEs at the forefront of its strategy for the green and digital transitions. This includes special considerations under Agenda 2030 and the Paris Agreement, and improved export financing options for projects in low- and middle-income countries. It’s a clear signal of Sweden’s dedication to sustainable and equitable global development.
  3. Integrating into Global Value Chains: In response to the evolving geopolitical landscape and the digitalization wave, Sweden is focusing on integrating its SMEs into global and regional value chains. While navigating these changes can be complex, the government is committed to adapting its export promotion strategies to be more responsive to the dynamic needs of these businesses.

This is a significant step for Sweden, showcasing a proactive approach in fostering a robust, sustainable, and globally competitive business environment.

SEEBA is fully aligned and has been for many years dedicated in supporting SMEs sustainable growth and internationalisation in Sweden, Scandinavia and in Southeastern Europe.

Link to the strategy document (SWE)

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