Dec 19, 2022

New Year’s Resolutions 2023

Making New Year Resolutions is an annual tradition embraced by almost everyone, and also a great technique to use to reflect on all the ups and downs in the previous months and to decide which key areas you would like to tackle in the future. This works great for personal and professional goals and doesn’t only refer to individuals. 

The ability to identify, understand, prioritize and anticipate certain conditions and decisions very much translates to the level of every organization, too.

So what do you say about making New Year Resolutions for your company?

New Year's Resolutions 2023

We at SEEBA use this period of the year for summarising our achievements and creating plans and strategies to set new goals and prepare for upcoming challenges.

As the world has changed and technology has become a part of every aspect of our lives, we must admit that we enjoy exploring new ways of making processes more simple, efficient and sustainable, both for our company and our customers. So, the first thing we are very proud of is the ability to embrace the change and justify our position as knowledgeable and experienced players in our industry. In this regard, we have worked hard to introduce and implement the full agile way of working within our organization. This transformation allowed us to manage our time, tasks, and resources more efficiently, and to ensure that our team is comfortable and accountable for project objectives and deliverables.

That further leads us to our customers and the level of service we have provided. With many new and interesting customer projects, we managed to improve our service offering, optimize our processes, and eventually increase our sales by 30%.


The main focus of our company is always people, and we’re happy to be surrounded by extraordinarily talented professionals in both business and technical fields. We invest in these individuals by continuously strengthening our company culture and the benefits we offer. Hence we are delighted to be among the first companies to introduce the four-day week, i.e. SEEBA Casual Friday as we call it, where we allow our employees to focus on their private lives more and have enough time to manage their errands more efficiently. The results are incredible. Our employees are more productive, more efficient, and most importantly – happier. This is definitely something we are glad to translate to the new year.

Our dedication to our people has been crowned with the SDG Business Pioneers Award 2022, awarded by the UNDP in Bosnia and Herzegovina. This accomplishment demonstrates our efforts to provide an inclusive environment where everyone feels safe and valued. 

Taking into account that this year was the fifth anniversary of SEEBA Balkans, we couldn’t wish for a better gift.

SDG Business Pioneers Award 2022 Ceremony

Another exciting resolution refers to changing our office space! We’ve listened, we’ve searched and we’ve found the perfect spot for providing the most preferable working environment for our team. Hence we are delighted to announce that we are entering the new year in a new location in Sarajevo. Stay tuned for the big reveal.

Our goals for the next year include expanding our service packages and excelling in our BizTech skills, as well as growing both on individual and company levels with a lot of great memories made and accomplishments achieved. We’re looking forward to supporting and watching our customers grow too, actively enabling their goals to come true.

We’re entering 2023 with a lot of excitement and a wish for joint success. On behalf of our team, we wish you a happy holiday season and a memorable new year.

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