Nov 8, 2022

How to prepare your business for Black Friday?

Since Black Friday is already knocking on our doors, online businesses are not left with a lot of time to prepare and execute their marketing strategies to boost sales and revenue. With the massive shift in purchase behavior over the last few years and the effects of the Pandemic, it is becoming more and more challenging to maximize the user experience and stay competitive. Therefore, there are several last-minute things to take care of in order to gain desired results.

The first thing to focus on is your online shopping experience. With the endless choices available, it is crucial to offer the best experience to your customers, so they don’t face any difficulties or errors when buying your products. Make sure you briefly review and enhance the buyer’s journey to drive more sales.

Along with the shopping experience, do a load test of your website. Check your servers and their responsiveness to high traffic. A good approach is to analyze your old data and prepare for worst-case scenarios. If the numbers indicate so, consider making an upgrade.

If there’s not much you can do about controlling traffic, a good strategy is to launch earlier. This can also give you an advantage against competitors but also increase your chances of marketing your offer as exclusive and attention-worthy.

Another important traffic element is mobile users. Data shows that mobile sales volumes are far greater than desktop ones, so make sure you fill that gap on time. Mobile experience might be even more important for your online business so the purchasing process should be as easy as possible. Besides optimizing your website for a mobile-first approach, big sales volumes will require you to focus on your payment methods. Once the buyer develops an intention to make a purchase, your shopping experience should guide them through the checkout process without any distractions or difficulties that could let them change their minds.

Don’t forget to stay in line with the trends! A great example is a social commerce which is rapidly gaining popularity among users. Basically, it means combining your e-commerce with social media in order to attract customers to the products they usually wouldn’t search for on websites. Paid ads and influencer marketing can boost your social commerce success in a short time.

If you fail to react to trends on time, you’re likely to negatively impact your sales or lose brand loyalty in the longer run. Your consumers expect fast responsiveness to their needs and inquiries which means you should consider automating your assortment and order decisions, as well as the customer service process. The less you need to do manually, the more time you have to focus on executing your strategy.

In conclusion, you should expect the unexpected and prepare accordingly. There are numerous hosting solutions available for your traffic control, as well as technologies suitable for almost every business intention you have. Our best advice is to think far ahead and get everything ready, but in case you’re a last-minute player, do a double-check and adapt your marketing strategies in accordance with your actual capacities.

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