Oct 26, 2022

Digital Readiness: What is it and why is it so important?

Since the pandemic, what you’re probably constantly hearing about is change. Change in markets, consumer behavior, the way businesses operate, etc.

And surely, we have all witnessed how the world has changed almost overnight in terms of digital transformation.

But why is this change so important and where does it end?

The first essential thing to understand is that change is continuous and it will only evolve with time. As technology is developing at high speeds so is the need to adapt to it. Those who can respond fast and effectively will gain a huge competitive advantage in their markets.

However, many businesses are still challenged with this process thus being far away from a complete digital transformation of their businesses.

So, the main question is how to overcome this challenge.

From our point of view, every process is a journey with a roadmap of strategically planned steps.

To start the process of digital transformation, you should begin with a digital readiness assessment of your existing technology framework to identify your organization’s current state. This assessment will allow you to understand your current state and identify challenges that might occur in the process.

Digital readiness is the ability of your organization, i.e. your workforce to adopt and effectively use digitized workflows that are enabled by software and technology.  There are several different ways to assess your digital readiness but the only right approach is to start with your employees. Your readiness indicates whether the employees possess the necessary skills to use information technology, proper behavioral tendencies, and cognitive abilities to manage the transformation effectively.

The goal of achieving digital readiness is to streamline the way business is done, and customers are served.

To help you understand your organization and digitize your workflows easily, we created a simple and handy tool you can begin with. Explore now.

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