Visions for the Future – Sweden and Bosnia Herzegovina’s Trade Partnership 2018 and Beyond

Visions for the future – Sweden and Bosnia Herzegovina’s trade partnership 2018 and beyond

Marking Sweden’s National Day, today in premises of Foreign Trade Chamber of Bosnia and Herzegovina, Swedish-B&H company representatives gathered in order to reevaluate business relations and to envision possibilities for further expansion.

At the event called “Visions for the future – Sweden and Bosnia Herzegovina’s trade partnership 2018 and beyond”, key businessmen talked about challenges facing Bosnia and Herzegovina, and the way Swedish – Bosnian relations can resolve some of those.

Some of the topics at the event were prospects for intensifying trade and adaptation of the BiH market for the EU Integration and visions for new business opportunities. The event was attended by Zlatan Bajrić, co-founder of SEEBA, who participated in the panel discussion about Swedish – BiH entrepreneurs and their key of success while sharing his opinion and knowledge about this topic.

The focus was on Swedish citizens with BiH background who created a strong link between these two countries over the years.

Featured at the event was SEEBA’s Chairman of the Board, Adnan Berberović.

This is a very special time for Adnan since he moved to Sweden on this day exactly 25 years ago and from that day he started building a strong relationship with his home country. We are proud and honoured that Adnan is chosen as a Visionary for Trade and Entrepreneurship between Bosnia and Herzegovina and Sweden.