User Experience is the Key to Success

User experience is the key to success - SEEBA - Your Business Partner

With the digital transformation enveloping all aspects of our lives, user experience is one of the most important factors that should be included in your business plan. To survive as a relevant actor on the market, one has to adapt to the digital world.

At the center of this digitalization, resides the customer – the customer that is constantly developing along with this transformation. In recent years, websites and applications have undergone changes that have affected their interaction with customers. So-called emotional aspects are becoming more important than traditional aspects, such as simple usability and functionality.

The customer is no longer satisfied by a website that has the looks of a simpleton. Only basic functions with the products elementarily listed are no longer enough. Today, psycho-analytical studies and human behavior research are being used in order to formulate methods aimed to satisfy users and their needs. The digital transformation is no longer an option.

Traditionally, only two factors have been taken into consideration – what might look good and whether the customer will like it. However, it is not that easy anymore. The number of web users have increased, and access to the Internet has never been easier. We rely on the Internet for all types of services. The customer experience is therefore crucial for your success. Achieving a positive customer experience requires research and planning in order to define what your customers are looking for, how to distribute different elements, and how to implement and transfer them to the customer.


  • Building personas – After goal setting, the next step is to identify the customer base and create personas. These personas are the personalization of the customers who will use your product. A product can have multiple personas, and each persona can have different personalities, backgrounds, needs and goals. Identifying the personas and the action plan will help you to provide the best possible experience.
  • Content is key – Understanding the goal and audience helps you develop the right content. Creating engaging and relevant content is the key. Considering that users give you attention over a short period of time, it’s important to engage them quickly. Producing the right kind of content will determine whether your message will reach the customer.
  • Benefits – Research show that customer experience affects and increases sales. It is important to understand that digitalization is a continuous process. Technology, customer behavior, expectations, competition – all this evolves and changes. You must follow the development. Innovation should be the pillar of every organization and part of the daily work.