Swedish Businessmen Visiting Herzegovina: Many Options for Investments and Cooperation

Swedish businessmen visiting Herzegovina: Many options for investment and cooperation

Around sixty Swedish businessmen gathered in Business Match from Orebro are staying in Herzegovina these days, and they are looking for the possibility for business cooperation with domestic businesspeople, as well as direct investments in our country.

At today’s conference in Mostar, the Swedish ambassador to Bosnia and Herzegovina, Andres Hagelberg greeted them, and said that there are many good examples of Swedish companies investing in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

“However, I must say that the business climate is not the best and should be significantly enhanced by serious political measures. At the same time, private companies see their opportunities here and are very active in various industries, especially in the IT sector, footwear production, agriculture, metallurgy. Swedish companies are hiring a number of people, and the Embassy wants to support further investments”, said Ambassador Hagelberg, adding that an important part of the Swedish investment in Bosnia and Herzegovina belongs to diaspora.

Visit of Swedish businessmen to Herzegovina was organized by Zlatko Papac, director of Lasta d.o.o. Mostar and member of the Association of entrepreneurs of Herzegovina. Papac lived in Sweden for fifteen years and invested his funds upon returning to his country.

“Our guests are members of the network of entrepreneurs from the province of Orebro, and for five days they have a chance to meet Bosnia and Herzegovina, and at today’s gathering we are presenting opportunities for investment and cooperation of Swedish companies from that region and companies from Herzegovina,” Papac explained.

He says there are excellent predispositions for a successful job because there are a lot of our successful people in Sweden, but also businesspeople like the ones who returned to BiH and opened a new business here.

“We are trying to build bridges of cooperation between the countries we have returned in and those in which we lived until yesterday,” Papac said, adding that our businesspeople need more simplicity in their work, that the Swedes are much more specific, make quicker decisions and enter into businesses more easily.

The conference was attended by Aida Soko, CEO of SEEBA Balkan, a Swedish company founded by two of our young successful men.

The potentials are very large, because our diaspora is very strong there, and our company is the real example of that. Today, it is a great opportunity for establishing new jobs, because we will present to our Swedish counterparts possible areas of cooperation, potential industry, etc. This group had the ability to see tourist potentials of this region, and this visit is animating for them, The can enjoy in Bosnia and Herzegovina, but we will also present them opportunities, all based on our research. Not on the note of cheap labor, which is only good for easy factory jobs, but on the contrary, that we have  professional labor force which is highly skilled and suitable for Swedish companies. -Aida Soko






Source Klix.ba (author: Rijad Durkić)