Politicians do not create jobs, the companies do!

Stefan Löfven described it in an interview “Politicians do not create jobs, the companies do”. The Alliance says the same thing. Is is not strange then that so many are still unemployed? Why are not more companies being established?

Will job offers increase or decrease if it becomes more expensive to hire? Raising such fees will lead to fewer jobs. It will make it harder for young people to get an employment.


Will job offers increase or decrease if it pays off to be a business owner? Those who start a business risk both time and money. If we make it more profitable to succeed, more people will dare to try.

Will job offers increase or decrease if we make it less risky to hire? Hiring a new employee is a big commitment. In Sweden, it is easier to get divorced than to terminate an employment. How can the labour law be modified to both meet the needs of the employee and the companies?

If our politicians say they’ve finally understood who’s creating the jobs, why do they not do their best to make it easier and more profitable to run a company? Four out of five jobs are created by small businesses, yet small businesses get least support.

Annie Lööf says that rural areas are alive when companies grow and that the local business environment is important. But here in Västmanland, this fact is being ignored. Affärsplan Västmanland, a strategy for growth, innovation and business development, barely mentions the local business environment. This is a setback for us in the smaller municipalities who are active in small and medium-sized companies.

The focus is instead on large companies with research and development potential internationally. The business plan has the title “In Västmanland we solve global challenges”. It should have the subtitle “while we do not care about the local business environment”. Shouldn’t we begin with solving our own challenges first?

During the previous program period, we (the entrepreneurs) in Hallstahammar and Surahammar have conducted EU-funded development projects for more than 40 million Swedish crowns. Approximately 200 companies have participated and 1900 people have been given tailor-made skills development. A large number of the companies that participated greatly increased their sales and many have recruited new employees. We know that such skills development in small businesses creates jobs. Real results!

With the strategy plan Affärsplan Västmanland, similar initiatives are being threatened during the next six years. In other words, the companies that create 4 out of 5 jobs are suddenly no longer important.

If our politicians finally claim to have understood where the jobs are created and how to get more people employed, why would anyone encourage the opposite?

Västmanland and its ten municipalities are at the absolute bottom regarding the business environment that deals with starting, operating and developing companies locally. And in such a situation,  the Administrative Board choses to develop a plan for the next six years, which hardly mention a single word about the business environment. It is provocative, scary and a slap in the face.

I would say that they still have not really understood this alarming situation…