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Accelerate into the future.

Training, Acceleration and Mentorships

Up-skilling and education are necessary during the project, but also after its completion, in order for you to be able to take advantage of the resources that you have invested in. We offer a range of services in this field, from strategic advice, problem solving, to lectures and seminars. We specialize a plan according to your requirements, ready to be transferred to you and your organization.



All of our services and products can be complemented by a coaching or training package. This gives you and your staff the possibility to acquire new skills and maintain already gained knowledge.

We offer custom trainings in a range of topics, all related to our field of expertise and knowledge. We also facilitate workshops with some of the brightest and most successful professionals in their field.



Our mentorship program is specifically designed for senior management, board members and project managers. It covers both private and public sectors. Having access to an appointed senior expert from SEEBA will give you the possibility to tap into a unique, international and highly talented pool. We make sure that each individual is performing to the fullest.

SEEBA Accelerator Programe

Our accelerator program is designed to introduce you and your business to a range of concepts, knowledge and tools. It consists of a range of trainings, followed by a short mentorship and then follow-ups with 1:1 coaching. All of this is packaged in a very short period, so that it ensures that you really get the boost you need in a short timeframe to accelerate your concept to the next level.

  • Marketing & Sales
  • Internationalization
  • Digitalization and infrastructure
  • Tools & Software

  • Digital transformation
  • Communication
  • Lead generation
  • HR & Finance

How do I apply for SEEBA´s Accelerator

We realise SEEBA accelerator on rolling basis in 6 months cycles in Stockholm and Sarajevo. Are you interested to become part of the next group, please reach out to us through info@seeba.se

Can I participate remotely to SEEBA Accelerator program?

SEEBA accelerator program is based on digital collaboration technologies and all our participants can join the program either physically or online.

Where can you realise mentorship program?

Our consultants are flexible and can travel to meet you up at your premises. The classic setup is that we run a combination of online/offline program for our customers around the world.