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The right person at the right place.

Knowledge, Resources and Experience

A company does not perform well without the right resources. SEEBA assists you in discovering and performing the right skills for your projects. We have access to high quality tools that serve your organization’s needs. We are working actively to always be at the forefront and offer the most cost-effective solution. For us, knowledge, attitude and “the right person at the right place” are important in all our projects. Based on your actual needs in terms of requirements and budget, we tailor a team just for you and your business.

A huge misconception is that you can attract, employ and keep the most talented professionals at your company, that you can keep them motivated and always make them perform 100%, which in turn will create better results and be cheaper on the long run.

It is almost impossible – welcome to the reality!

What makes our solution so efficient is that each and every one of our consultants work on multiple projects in a broad range of fields and markets. This ensures that our knowledge, experience and performance is always on top.

Associate as a Service

Associate as a Service enables you to optimize your personnel resources in order to meet your needs. The service provides you with an option to hire staff for the duration of a project for a specific amount of time. You will get acquainted with skilled employees in a flexible and safe way.

• Employment: recruiting, screening, hiring, and training of employees

• Payroll: administering payroll, including tax and reporting functions

• Employee Benefits: providing and administering employee benefits

• Workers Compensation: administering workers compensation insurance

• Professional Expertise: providing professional advice in areas like employment law and human resource management

• Management: local management of the employees

Our associates perform both short term and long term assignments.

Healthy corporate culture and creative working environment.

Pay for what we deliver, not what we promise.

Our “Associate as a service” solution delivers you the necessary results to be able to reach your goal. We provide this service in a broad range of fields and we guarantee the performance of our associates.

  • CEO as a service
  • CTO as a service
  • CFO as a service
  • Marketing & Sales

  • Support & HR
  • Analytics & Data entry
  • Financial Experts
  • Other BPO requests?

How does this service work?

Finding talent remains a huge challenge for many companies. Reviewing applications, interviewing candidates and negotiating salaries take precious time away from a business owner’s existing obligations, which may end up hurting the business in the long run.

As employers increasingly turn to part-time, freelance and temporary workers, to fill in their workforce gaps, staffing services have become a valuable resource to finding that talent quickly and efficiently. The following are just a few of the many benefits offered to your business.

  • Fast hiring
  • Flexibility
  • Reduced risk

What are the benefits?

With the technological advancements and the global marketplace becoming more and more integrated, companies are absorbing new means to achieve success. All sizes of companies, in the quest to grow their business and improve their market share, are competing with large corporations, small as well as medium sized businesses and are adapting to newer developed global trends to hire the talent pool and save costs, now possible by the global offshore staff leasing companies. Offshore staff leasing is an attractive competent model for businesses that want to save on the infrastructural expenses, staffing and other office equipment expenses and still retain control of their work product.

  • Excellent Talent Pool
  • Workforce Flexibility
  • Reduced Overall Employment Costs

Where do you source from?

SEEBA is sourcing mainly from Bosnia and Herzegovina, but also increasingly from other countries in the Western Balkans. The main reasons for that are quality of the workforce, language proficiency and skill possession. Excellent language capabilities in English and German as well as the proximity to the EU.

Guarantees and results

We are providing quality service making sure that you are getting the resources with the best fit in terms of experience, knowledge and skills. Should you not be satisfied with the selected candidate, we offer a replacement as part of the service.