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COVID-19 Business Health Assessment

Emergency consulting package aimed at Small and Micro companies

While most businesses are impacted by the COVID-19 outbreak we have put together a package to share a combination of our knowledge, creative thinking, problem solving and crisis management.


Majority of SMEs will struggle to maintain solid liquidity during the COVID crisis for different reasons:

  • DECREASED SALES – Dramatically decreased client activity due to restrictions

  • PRODUCT RELEVANCE  – Value proposition not adapted to the situation

  • POOR DIGITAL READINESS – not having tools to address customers through digital channels


As business specialists we know that the potential damage of a crisis, and whether you come out stronger from it, is not controlled by the nature of the crisis as much as it does by how well you handle it when it arrives.


Inform about relevant state measures for SMEs and specific impacts to your business vertical

Short-term working or layoff, sick pay responsibilities, taxpayments, occupational pension plans, credit guarantees are only some of the many areas in which the Swedish government has changed the regulations in light of the COVID-19 crisis. Do you know which ones could help your business?


Analyse current situation and identify COVID-19 impact on your company financial/digital

How can your company verify incoming data about the COVID-19 for a well-planned response? If the outbreak continues, what health risks does this create for employees and financial risks for the business? Even with the hypothesis that the pandemic could remain for a relatively short time, it is likely that a number of difficult questions for companies to deal with will remain.


Suggest creative short-term measures (quick-fixes)

Have you reviewed your costs, your revenue streams and your company agreements? If you know your possible risks, you can get ahead with quick short term fixes.


Plan long-term sustainability solutions

There are generally three basic elements in a successful crisis management: preparedness, a fact-based strategy and the effectiveness of all communication – that is, both internal and external. To make long term decisions you have to have a solid foundation.


The package includes a health assessment, 3 consulting meetings and the creation of short term and long-term plans, that will help you and your company to navigate confidently through this crisis. We are here to guide you, all you have to do is reach out.