Moris Pasic joins SEEBA, gets appointed as CTO

It is with great enthusiasm that we are sharing the news that Moris Pasic (former CEO of Saburly) has joined SEEBA Nordics as a result of SEEBAs absorption of his successful and award winning IT company Saburly AB.

Moris will from the 1st of January be appointed as CTO of SEEBA Nordics and be responsible for our digitization services and IT solutions suite. Moris will also take an active role in our IT-related investments and activities.

Business + Technology = Future 

During 2018, Moris and Saburly AB got listed as one of the “Top Web Developers” at Clutch, a service that ranks top software development firms. This in combination with SEEBAs prestigious awards related to business & management creates an offer that combines understanding of Business with excellence in IT.


Having Moris onboard and leading our IT teams will enable us to complement our business related services with excellent IT capabilities. It will allow us to grow even faster to take on bigger and more complex projects. We are now be able to offer even higher value to our current and future clients. The combination of IT + Business gives SEEBA a unique ability to deliver great results, and combined with our infrastructure, it will allow us to be “Your Business Partner” in more than one dimension. – Zlatan Bajric, CEO, SEEBA Nordics

Short about Moris:

Moris has a Computer Science degree and was active in Malmo & Lund University. He joined up with the global IT company Ricoh in 2013 where he worked as Tech Lead until he branched off as the CEO of Saburly AB. He has a great record of providing innovative solutions for some of the biggest brands in the world and a broad experience of leading IT teams successfully for both Forbes 500 companies as well as startups.

More about SEEBA during 2019

SEEBA will during 2019 expand the operations (SEEBA Balkans) in Bosnia & Herzegovina, a new senior IT team is already being set up in Sarajevo, the current IT teams in Banja Luka and Zenica will also grow considerably. An expansion to SEEBAs shared services/BPO department is planned for Q1 2019 which will greatly increase the capacity of BPO related services. The office in Stockholm, Sweden will also expand with focus on sales, project management and business management related services.