Labour migrants and Diaspora are powerful players in the economic development of a country and play a fundamental role in international affairs and foreign assistance. Loyal and devoted to the matrix, the contribution goes beyond much-needed investments, leading to an improvement of the investment climate as a whole. Through their unlimited devotion, Diaspora investors are less affected by political risks or economic instabilities than other investors, oftentimes feeling proud and having a sense of duty to their homeland.

Based on official statistics of the reception countries and data from Embassies and Consulates of Bosnia and Herzegovina, the Ministry of Human Rights and Refugees (MHRR) estimates that the total number of Bosnian residents that live abroad is approximately 2 million (including their descendants) in 51 countries. This shows that the number of expatriates in the 50 recipient countries is about 53% of today’s population in BiH, which means that the B&H diaspora relative to the population is the largest in Europe.


Restart is a business embassy for Bosnian diaspora which facilitates their reintegration with the local business community and provides support to foreign investors.

In 2017:
  • Provided services to 217 clients.
  • Registered 10 companies and facilitated the creation of 20 new jobs
  • Made more than 500 business connections between investors, suppliers and clients through B2B meetings.
  • Successfully organized a 10-day-entrepreneurship MBA style program with the prestigious Ivey Business School at Western University Canada. The program was attended by 17 participants, most of whom were representatives of SMEs.

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