As a new company in the competitive HoReCa industry, SEEBA helped introducing Findie as a brand. The key challenge was to convert an innovative idea into a product or service that is scalable, to source knowledge and use technology, and finally to commercialise the brand and contribute to its growth.
Our experts from different fields have come together in order to evaluate the project and implement knowledge, experience and structure. The solution to the problem was a combination of our best practices: a bootstrapping model to minimise the risk of investments which are not generating any results as well as focus on a step by step approach to find the right channels and models that the market is ready for to adopt.
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Our mix of services and products has catapulted Findie from an idea into a start up and finally into a rocket.
It has become a scalable and profitable venture that is revolutionising the way how a whole industry is doing business and taking decisions. From a trial and error phase to business insights and data that give managers and owners the tools they need to take their business to the next level.

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