Since 1968 NOW, a US company, has been a leader in the natural products industry. Even when healthy foods and natural supplements weren’t mainstream, NOW never wavered from their mission to provide value in products and services that empower people to lead healthier lives.
NOW was ready to penetrate new markets in Europe. The key challenge for us was how to create a new infrastructure and strategy with their existing structure and set up. The goal was to penetrate new markets that are not familiar to NOW, where new legislative challenges and other consumer behaviours demand a more agile and innovative approach.
Our know-how and experience in the Nordics helped NOW to establish themselves in the local market. We supported their agents and operations in Sweden. We also relied on a second opinion when it comes to regional and European strategies for market penetration, collaboration and better use of resources.
We established a successful launch of NOW in the Nordics, enabled better communication and collaboration between the regions, implemented the needed infrastructure, increased sales and provided better insights in the challenges when it comes to short and long term goals.

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