Before you dive into digital transformation, you have to understand this

Let’s start with the basics.

The combination of new technologies and the increase in availability is an accelerator and enabler. Together with new and innovative business models, it is leading to faster and more disruptive change than ever before.

It is essential to understand that technology itself does not necessarily lead to a revolution. Only when combined with an equally innovative business model can it be considered being a digital transformation. Some may even argue that it can be called an industrial revolution. It means that your business model also has to change and adapt to the current environment to stay relevant. Sorry, no quick fixes!

Further down, I will tell you about the basic knowledge you have to obtain and the right mindset you must-have for your digital transformation to be successful.

This new and disruptive reality only gives us two viable options to choose from:

A: Do nothing and find your business become obsolete. In ways, you can’t even imagine at this moment. (Sears VS Amazon, Walkman VS Spotify, Average Joe VS Robots/AI and you can find more examples here).

B: Wake up and start taking the first steps towards reaching your full potential using digitalisation as a tool to get there.

As none of us actively strive to become obsolete and non-relevant, the obvious thing would be to take the first step of many towards transforming your whole business model. Through innovative technologies and disruptive methodologies, significant results can be achieved, follow our three simplified steps.

The three building blocks of digital transformation.

Mistakes are easily made, jumping straight in and creating an unnecessary app or investing in a new website and call it digital transformation. It can even be dangerous if you sincerely expect and believe it will lead to any significant change. It is not about technical solutions or any fancy AI, machine learning super algorithm that will help you out-compete your competitors.

Digital Transformation, SEEBA

  1. Digital transformation – This is all about your business model, hybridisation, monetisation, strategy, and getting everyone on board. But this step is dependent on the previous two.

  2. Digitalisation – What do we want to do and what value does it generate? How do we want to do it? When we have done it, how can it be implemented and improve the current workflow, product or service?

  3. Digitisation – This is the actual “building stuff” part. Creating tools, gathering data, taking analogue processes and with the help of digital tools, making them more efficient and digitally available/executable and in other words, making everything digitally available.

Is digital transformation the same thing as innovation?

Yes and no. It can be the driving factor of innovation, but in the short run, it is really about adapting your business to “the brave new and agile world” we live in. It is essential to make sure that sustainability and the right mindset is part of the cultural backbone of your business. It is about creating a new way of working, marketing, selling and changing the old habits to something more meaningful with the help of technology.

Why you most likely already are behind – Innovate or die.

Doing small symbolic changes and calling it digital transformation is something you probably already are familiar with. You have probably heard about all of the fantastic startups that will save the world with abstract innovations but not generating any real value. You maybe even recognise yourself in the previous sentence. Recalling your last investment/activity that made no real business sense, but it felt good and sounded cool?

The secret sauce to succeeding with your digital transformation journey is to make sure that you first know what you want and what you are getting in to. Don’t be afraid of asking for help and don’t underestimate young talents. Experience does not necessarily mean that one does know what he/she is doing. It is all about ideation, creativity, know-how, and understanding both business and tech. Step outside your daily mindset and try to view your business model from the outside, compare it to other industries and don’t be afraid to learn from others.

Let us help you take the first step.

Being the bridge between business and tech, we genuinely understand what it takes to initiate and iterate a digital transformation journey successfully. What you have to understand is that anyone can create a smart strategy, business model or plan. But to convert that into practical and tangible deliverables is something totally different, your digital transformation should all about creating value and making sure that your business becomes sustainable.

We like to get our hands dirty, which means that we don’t just talk. We know how to convert business strategies and ideas into reality, tangible products, services, processes, improvements, and features. Read about our success stories or schedule a short call, and we can introduce you to real cases with real results.

Zlatan Bajric, Seeba, Digital TransformationZlatan Bajric
Senior Partner, SEEBA

Background in economics, business, and tech. Serial entrepreneur with experience of leading and working with innovative and ambitious projects, practical know-how when it comes to starting, running and finalising digital transformation projects. Holds several prestigious awards and is considered by “Veckans Affärer” to be one of Sweden’s super talents. Summary: Understands business, knows tech.