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The story about SEEBA

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Who We Are

We are a business consultant firm that supports leaders in the digital and analogue transformation phase.

Our Mission

We are here to help you and your project to prioritise and ensure that the right action is taken at the right time. Both strategically and practically

Our Vision

We want to help public and private projects, organizations and companies to reach their goals and fullest potential.


Knowledge, Experience and Practical know-how

Trusted partner in times of rapid business transformation

SEEBA was founded in 2010 and has since supported enthusiastic and driven business leaders on the path to sustainable growth and development of their businesses and organizations.

We are passionate about what we do and act rather as business partners than advisors. That is why we only involve ourselves in projects that we truly believe in, whether it’s a well-known and market-leading company or a less ‘up and coming’ one with great potential.

It often happens that our clients’ needs and challenges require us to combine our skills and experience in different disciplines to get the best overall solution. That is why SEEBA offers a holistic and comprehensive model, unique to its industry, which contains special skills, resources and tools, developed by our competent and forward-thinking expert team.

Our senior partners have over 75+ years of combined experience from a broad range of projects and activities in both the public and private sector, in different regions, cultures, countries and languages. Together with our team of experts and professionals we can ensure that you get the help and support you need to reach your goal.

You hire SEEBA to start, develop or grow your business or project. Whether you come from the private or public sector, we will support you during your magnificent journey.

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What we stand for and believe in

Quality Assurance

We never compromise on quality. SEEBA assures quality of the entire process from start to finish. Quality also permeates the tools handed over to our customers. All projects are followed up after delivery to ensure they deliver results. We always set our ambition level high to come up with effective, innovative and inspiring solutions. This attitude is what we expect from our customers as well.

Efficiency & Proactivity

We always apply a business critical thinking in everything we do. We are very much result oriented. All activities driven by passion and goal awareness should be able to afford to succeed. The key is only to define the right priorities. We have built up an efficient business platform that is tailored to our customer segments and can therefore offer an affordable solution. Efficiency pervades our employees, partners, and the tools we use.

Commitment & Understanding

Our working philosophy is to first take time and listen to customers’ needs and challenges to get involved in the business and establish a relationship that includes openness and commitment. For us, commitment is very important and we value this property with our employees, but also our customers. It is difficult to achieve results if both sides are not fully involved in the project. We at SEEBA always go an extra mile.

Dedication & Loyalty

We are uncompromising when it comes to delivering results. Therefore, we use all of our resources to produce smart and sustainable solutions. This has helped us establish long-term relationships with our customers who have a high level of confidence in what we do. We understand what is important for our customers, therefore we are present throughout the process, before, during and after the project end. Your goal will be our goal.

Everyone working at SEEBA is responsible for complying with our code of conduct, and for helping one another to do the same. For more information download our CoC.

SEEBA Code of Conduct

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